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 "Shelly puts in an enormous amount of time and effort to make sure you succeed in your goal of passing the NCLEX. Without her help I don't think I would be where I am today which is holding my RN license in my hand. The program she developed works wonders and enables you to critically think like an RN in order to pass the NCLEX."

---Michelle F.  

NCLEX Questions

 "​​​I approached Shelly Luhning about her NCLEX Preparation Program because as most nursing students, I did not know where to begin preparing for the exam. Shelly helped me by coaching me on how to study effectively, which materials to cover for the exam, and how the exam works. The result was better than I could have ever imagined! Not only did I successfully complete the NCLEX in 75 questions, but I also gained a wealth of knowledge which has helped me tobecome a better nurse. I found the experience to be both very challenging and rewarding. It requires self-discipline and hard work, but results you get areworth every second of effort put into it. I would recommend this program to anyone taking the NCLEX, whether it be your first-time or third-time writing."           --Bailey S.


 "​​​Shelly is by far the best thing that ever happened to me during my NCLEX 'adventure'. After writing and failing twice, I was referred to this wonderful individual. She gives you help from the very first day you meet, until the day she calls to congratulate you on your pass! Her program is tough; it is hard work. You will spend hours reviewing old, and learning new. You need to do two things: listen to Shelly and trust the process. This program saved me, and now I'm happily working as an RN. Thanks for everything, Shelly. I really give you all the credit for helping me get through this terrible exam." ---Jelea N testimonials

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 "​​​​After researching through many programs and resources available for the NCLEX, I was still not completely satisfied with what was available. Many programs promise that you will pass if you just answer their questions, but they all seemed to lack actual support along the way. I was looking for a structured plan for studying and I wanted someone who would be able to answer questions and support me through the process, and of course I wanted to pass on my first attempt! Shelly’s program met all of my criteria and more! I completed the work in about 3 months, and over this time answered roughly 8000 practice questions in addition to 10 practice exams. I felt extremely prepared on exam day and I wrote the NCLEX in 75 questions in just under an hour and a half. Not only did working with Shelly prepare me for the exam, but also to assume the role as a Registered Nurse. It was great to be able to contact her whenever I had a question or felt like I needed guidance. In addition to everything she helped me with, I now also have a binder of information I can use to review anytime I need in my future practice. I am so grateful for her help along the way and highly recommend her to anyone preparing for the NCLEX examination."  --Brittany G.


 "​​​​Prior to meeting Shelly I used a wide variety of text books, online resources, cell phone apps, board games and DVDs. After receiving the email with my test results and finding out I was unsuccessful I was frustrated and discouraged, I thought I did everything right. I then began Shelly's program. Throughout studying, Shelly was very accommodating and understanding but most of all she was encouraging. Shelly’s program is unlike anything I’ve used in the past, it offered me structure and accountability. Shelly was always approachable to clarify or better explain anything I needed help with. Shelly also offers a workshop which I found very beneficial. Prior to writing my NCLEX for the second time I was anxious, and worried that I would be unsuccessful again after months of hard work. Before writing the NCLEX Shelly phoned me and told me she thought I was ready, after voicing my feelings of anxiousness she continued to be supportive and encouraging. While I was writing the NCLEX I knew the answer to the questions right away because of Shelly’s program and the detailed study plan. When I got the email stating that “I PASSED” my eyes filled with tears, I have never wanted something so bad. I Have Shelly and her program to thank for helping me be successful.  I highly recommend Shelly’s program to anyone writing the NCLEX."
---Jessica J.


 "​​​​After being unsuccessful with my previous attempts at the  RN liscening exam (wrote the CRNE three times and NCLEX once) I was at a loss at what I could have done differently. Much like everyone else, who was unsuccessful, I thought that I had tried everything. I signed up for a numerous amount of online courses, study guides and various other applications that had been successful for previous applicants, however none of them had worked for myself. I have never been a strong test taker and thought that all hope was lost before I met Shelly. She provided me with the guidance that I was lacking and really helped me focus my studies.Now, after a lot of hard work and self determination I too am a successful candiate of Shellys program and proud to call myself an RN. Shelly's dedication to her students and overall knowledge of the NCLEX exam and processes are invaluable. If you are willing and dedicated to her program I have no doubt that you will be successful as well. I can not thank Shelly enough for everything she has done for me and I owe my success to her, and her program."      -- Nick P. 

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"​​​I liked how you got me organized and started me in the right direction, since it's hard to know sometimes where to start. I liked how I made good notes for each section and then did quizzes to know kind of where I stood for each part. You were very accommodating and met me where and when it suited me. I really appreciated how you made yourself available pretty much any time for questions about anything. You were also accommodating in making sure I got what I wanted/needed help with for each session. Also, I liked how you gave me a lot of confidence and support when you knew I was ready to write. This also gave me an idea of where I stood compared to other people in the same situation as me." Thanks for everything!
-- Katie R.


 "​​​​I felt like I did not have a sense of direction when it came to studying the NCLEX after finishing nursing school, where do you even start? I wrote the NCLEX twice and felt lost, I didn't know where my gaps were. Shelly's program takes you back to the basics, where the fundamentals of nursing are reviewed and relearned. The 4 years you've invested into your nursing degree (or more!) comes together and her program teaches you what you need to know for your exam. This program works, as long as you can invest your time and your mind to filling in the blank spaces from your nursing education. It's a comprehensive course, and you will feel overwhelmed, it is not meant to be easy! But at the end of it all you are competent, safe and you PASS!"---Courtney C.


" I am glad I had met Shelly when I had did when I was preparing for the NCLEX-RN exam. I passed on my fourth, and final last attempt to try and obtain my RN license.  She encouraged and guided me in my studies, and made some recommendations about my timing and assignments with program, which benefited me in the long run There were times I felt discouraged, hopeless, and felt like giving up, but thanks to Shelly for being there to listen and to guide me and push me to study I persevered.  Thank you Shelly for being my inspiration. I would recommend taking tutoring by Shelly, because she knows firsthand how stressful preparing for the NCLEX-RN exam is on nursing students, and is there to listen, guide, and when needed gives you the reality check!  Shelly is now considered my "NCLEX-momma," love yeah Shelly and thanks for the support that you have given me in this process. I couldn't have done it without you, you are apart of my success in being a Registered Nurse!! <3 :)  ---Ocean W. 

NCLEX Practice Exams

"  Shelly's program really works. It does require a lot of work, but if you put the time and effort into it you will be surprised how well you will do on the NCLEX. I had wrote the NCLEX 3 times before finding Shelly and passed on my 4th try! I was close to passing on my last two attempts, but needed something more push my test writing into passing. There are tons of questions you will be doing that I found to be a lot of help, as well as the algorithm on how to answer questions. I highly recommend Shelly! ---Nicholas W.

NCLEX Faculty Development

"As a first time NCLEX writer I was extremely nervous at the thought of writing the NCLEX.  With Shelly's program I was able to expand my knowledge and go into the test feeling like I could do it. My favourite part was the assignment quizzes we did after researching different topics. The quizzes really made it feel like the real NCLEX. I am so happy that I took this course as it prepared me very well for my future as a RN!


NCLEX Practice Questions

"I first heard about Shelly's program through a work colleague. She had recommended this to me because first of all, Shelly has a 100% success rate, and also because I had expressed my difficulty with writing multiple choice exams. Shelly is amazing, and so is her program. She helped me to become more confident with writing exams, and gain an even deeper understanding of pathophysiology, pharmacology and lab values.
To be successful, you must be dedicated to studying and putting the time into your studying. I took the recommendation from Shelly and treated my studying like a full time job. If I didn't, it would have taken me much longer than 10 weeks. It helped me to actually understand the information rather than trying to memorize it and forgetting it a week later. 
I believe that all of the information I gained not only helped me to pass the NCLEX but also to become a more knowledgable Registered Nurse. I am so thankful I reached out to Shelly. She is so encouraging and always willing to answer questions no matter how big or small. She really gave me the support and motivation that I needed  to succeed. 
Shelly is an amazing person, and I am so thankful that our paths crossed. After completing the studying, I was able to pass the NCLEX on my first try. What an amazing feeling, and I couldn't have done it without her. Everything I learned is valuable and I have been able to bring it forward with me into my career.--Jana D