This NCLEX program encompasses all the components necessary for success. The components include:

An Understanding of the NCLEX-RN Test Plan

A review of the test plan and how the NCLEX-RN exam is created. Have a better understanding of how to pass all of the client needs areas.

A Study Plan with Detailed Checklists

Receive detailed checklists to ensure you are studying all of the NCLEX related content. It can be extremely overwhelming not knowing what to study and how in-depth to go! This will guide you through all the content areas to ensure you do not miss any information that you may be tested on.

Detailed Content Review

Learn new ways to review content. These strategies, along with the detailed list of what to study and focused practice questions to test content knowledge, will assist you in learning new information and ensuring you retain current knowledge.

Test Taking Strategies

Learn how to answer questions and improve your odds of getting the question correct. Utilize tips and tricks to narrow down the choices in the question. Also, get a customized approach on how to take the NCLEX exam on your big day---when to take your breaks, how long to take per question, etc. 

An Algorithm to Approach & Interpret NCLEX Questions

Utilize an algorithm to approach each and every NCLEX question. This algorithm will be taught within the program and you will get ample practice applying this helpful tool. This tool will ensure that you do not read or misinterpret questions during your NCLEX examination. 

NCLEX Practice Questions

Practice questions are done throughout the program. You will have access to over 15,000 questions that are tailored to your learning needs.  Rationales and remediation is also provided for every question!              

NCLEX Practice Exams

Writing 265 questions is like completing a marathon! This requires training. In this program you are able to write different lengths of comprehensive NCLEX exams. This will assist you in training for the real exam!

NCLEX Mock Exams (CAT Adaptive)

Not sure what to expect? Want to know where you are at before taking the actual NCLEX? We do that!! Practice mock NCLEX exams that will shut off when you have passed! This is such an asset in preparing for the NCLEX-RN exam. Know exactly where you are performing prior to taking the exam.

Strategies to Reduce Anxiety

Throughout this program you will learn ways to deal with your anxiety and build self confidence. Feel confident and ready to write the exam! 

Support & Encouragement 

Our team is here to support, coach, facilitate and encourage you through this process. We will provide the accountability you need to stay focused and prepare for the exam!

Key Features:

  • ‚ÄčThis course differs in that it encompasses all aspects of the NCLEX exam!
  • The course provides students with diverse teaching methods including lecture-style learning, case studies, and interactive question sessions, as well as an online learning platform.
  • Faculty are Master Prepared RNs. They are proficient facilitators with extensive NCLEX and teaching experience. Faculty have taught in a undergraduate nursing degree program.
  • Support is provided throughout the program!
  • Work at your own pace but remain accountable with check ins and tracker reports.
  • Customized assignments provided based on the learner's needs and gaps.
  • Extensive resources provided including powerpoint presentations, website links and videos.
  • Peer support- join a Facebook group of students in your cohort.

This course includes:

  • Online Platform/Assignments facilitated by experienced faculty
  • Structured Self-Study Program
  • Online (LIVE) Workshop (14 + hours)
  • Access for a 6-month period 


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